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A Behavioral Approach to Sales Management

Self Contradictory Behaviors


To be fast, to make good money, and to make big money?


To be simple and convenient, but also easy to understand, so that you can make a deal at will?


You think its good, but it is the most nonsensical behavior.
Behavioral Psychoanalysis:
  1. Nowadays most people’s “sales behavior” is too “anxious”
  2. and has no patience at all.
  3. Feel annoying to say “three or five sentences in one sentence”.
  4. Everything is sold by means of “urging, coercion, and inducement”.
  5. Only care about the “money collection” and neglect “post- sales service”.
  6. The “opportunist” and concept of “make money first”
  7. Communicate in a way of “flicking, hyping, exaggerating results”
  8. Not conceived for “long-term gain”, but only for “short-term profit”.
  9. “Substantial and reliable” things, you can’t understand it, and if say “artificial and appealing”, you will work hard.
Img 1.0, Group Behavior
These are the most real phenomena in the market, as well as the most real portrayal of “group behavior”. The key is that there are no people who pursue “long-term stability” in the market? The core of the problem lies in the “social circle”, and what kind of people you are with will have what kind of results.
Only by establishing and expanding new social circles and learning new knowledge can we crack the behavior of “self-contradiction

Selling Product Or Personality?


How much do you understand about the “quality of the product”?


Do customers accept the product first, or the personality first?


Is the customer first will accept by “message” or “personal selling”?
Behavioral Psychoanalysis:
  1. Many people’s ‘poor personality traits will costing your
  2. business.
  3. Poor communication skill.
  4. If you don’t understand “product quality” at all, you can only say “good or well”.
  5. Those who don’t understand “pretend to understand” and those who should understand “don’t learn” will ask people to “buy, buy, buy”.
  6. “Perfunctory” to customer questions without giving real answers.
  7. With a ‘pessimistic” mind, “worry” appears in words.
  8. Lack of sincerity in conversation make people feel unpleasant.


If you were a customer, would you accept such a “sales process”?


Is the “sales target” more important, or is the “sales process” more important?
Only a harmonious communication process can get the best sales results.

Is The Deal For "Value" Or "Dignity"?


Is the customer accepting the product “price” or “value”?


Is the customer’s reason for buying “approval” or “dignity”?


The key to the final deal is “pleasure” or “entertainment”?
Behavioral Psychoanalysis:
  1. Many people use the “pushy” method to make sales successful.
  2. In order to get rid of such “pushy salesperson”, the customer had to buy it once.
  3. This will be your customer’s “first” transaction and also the “last”.
  • Many people often make mistakes in the sales process, but they don’t know the reason. The reason is actually when explaining the product, only talking about “price” and not “value” will make customers feeling resentment.
  • One of the more important concepts to keep in mind when doing sales is the difference between price and value. Simply, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get. Especially when buying supplements, which can “save or exempt” future “medical expenses”. The key lies in the mentality and behavior of the salesperson who are “be eager for quick success and instant benefit”.
Ways To Handle Customer Rejections:
Keep In Mind:

Build a client relationship is not easy, Losing a customer is easy

Rejection is the normal behavior of customers, and it is also the test of salesperson’s “personality traits

Identify Market Trends For Long-Term Business Planning


a public account posted a journal regarding “Peptides”. There’s still a lot of nutritional knowledge about “small molecule peptides”, which is very professional and can enhance in-depth knowledge of the product.
Img 2.0 Enhance product knowledge by Wechat
Knowledge” is the best way to improve your sales skills & performance.

Customers Are The Most Valuable Asset

Most people think that assets are “money or real estate”, various industries, etc. But this kind of value of assets has actually been changed and completely subverted in the online world of the 21st century.
“Customers are the most valuable assets”
Developing “unfamiliar customer groups” is a matter to “practice”, because former customers are limited, and new customers are unlimited.
Personality Traits
Customer Service Skills & How to Improve
  1. Serve old customers well and introduce new customers.
  2. Expand your circle of friends and share your experience.
  3. Participate in community charity activities and make new friends.
  4. Take some training sessions and meet new people.
  5. Learn to live broadcast, share information, and accumulate new fans.
  6. Create your own professional image and change the way you dress.
  7. Improve the language problem of speech and become a chat master.
  8. Give full play to professional knowledge and show the charm of successful people.
  9. New friends can be made in any occasion, the key is to speak and act.
Charisma is the best impression to break the “unfamiliar distance

Building Your Startup's Core Team

Select qualified partners and build a strong team.
  1. Develop team rules and let everyone live in harmony.
  2. Plan the direction of study and improve the level of knowledge.
  3. Allocate sharing time and improve expressiveness.
  4. Share expenses together and reduce self commitment.
  5. Master market information and avoid risks together.
  6. Motivate team morale and challenge peak performance.
Choosing Effective Team Members-Personality Traits:
  1. A stingy person is “too stingy” not suitable as core team member.
  2. Hot-tempered people too “emotional” not suitable as core team member.
  3. People who are selfish and extreme are “too passive” to be part of the core team.
  4. People who like to talk about right and wrong not a right core team member.
  5. The face-saving person is “too domineering” and refuses to join the core team member.
  6. Self-righteous people are “too proud” to rule out being in the core team member.
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships



To be simple and convenient, but also easy to understand, so that you can make a deal at will?
The personal thinking of “generalizing” has always been to continue walking in the old steps and seclude oneself, not accepting “change”, but only accepting the “fixed” model. The mouth will say “the plan can’t keep up with the changes”, but the truth is that once there are some changes, but then “why changed again?” The emotion of complaining and entanglement will come out. The key is that customers who do not pay attention to “group news” for a long time and do not keep up with “team learning” are “static” customers, not “dynamic” operators.
Waiting and watching will never solve the difficulties, change your thinking and keep up with the new team, you can get out of the predicament and usher in a better future.
Character is priceless, let go of entanglement; remember fondly, transform and reunite, build more incredible wealth, enrich your life and improve your health.
– Yun Hai, Founder & CEO, 1971-2022

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