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“Monelcumin” Anti-Sweet’s Nutritious Food, is formulated with the natural theory of “medicine and food homology, by bitter against sweet”. “Sweetness products” which have hidden dangers caused by long-term lurking in the body.

Harvest ages

Harvest Ages is formulated according to the concerted application of prescription of the Chinese medicine “Monarch Minister Assistant Guide”, which belongs to the exquisite combination of natural herbs and biotechnology.


Stingless-C — is a good Supplemental Nutrition product for Sub-Healthy Individuals to Stay Well with a Resilient Immune System. An adequate supply of a wide range of nutrients is essential to support the immune system to function optimally.


ENCOTIDE is a cellular nutrition food consisting of a proprietary blend of high-quality super nutrients that act at the cellular level to maximize nutrient absorption and effectiveness to maintain a healthy microbiome and maximize health.


“Bifidobacteria” in “probiotics” will stay in the host‘s intestine after oral administration, and they will become a supplement to normal physiological bacteria in the gut, and forming a biofilm barrier on the surface of the intestinal mucosal wall, constituting the intestinal barrier.


Power-packed with essential nutrients for people who suffer from heart diseases and deliberating health conditions.

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